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A Handbook of Verification Procedures by Frank Barnaby (eds.)

By Frank Barnaby (eds.)

An exam of ways, in perform, the powerful verification of varied fingers keep an eye on treaties - together with a complete attempt ban treaty, traditional forces savings, a fissile fabric cut-off and a freeze at the improvement and construction of nuclear guns - might be achieved.

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1988) 'Known US Nuclear Tests July 1945 to 31 Deeember 1987', in Nuclear Weapons Databook NWD86-2 (Rev. 2) (Washington: Natural Resourees Defense Couneil). Perera, J. (1987) 'Brazil's "Parallel" Nuclear Industry', New Scientist, no. 1578 (17 September). Spector, L. S. (1985). The New Nuclear Nations (Washington: Vintage Press for the Carnegie Institute). Roger Clark and lohn Baruch 11 49 UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR EXPLOSION PROCESSES As aprelude to examining verification, it is of interest to present first an overview of testing activities, which involve large-scale engineering and logistic operations.

This also requires appropriate geographical information systems, eontaining natural landseape and man-made elements and other features of military strategie and taetical importanee. A main objeetive of the modelling of military aetivities is to determine the minimum level (threshold level) at wh ich a military build-up ean be pereeived, by one of the parties to an agreement, as threatening or as eonstituting a deviation from the agreed arms reduetions. , Gray, R. , Warren, H. , and Fern, D. G. (1987) The New RADARSAT: An All-Weather Multipurpose Earth Observation Spacecraft, 38th Congress of the International Astronautical Federation, Paper IAF87-125, 10-17 October, Brighton.

US practice is to use a depth in feet of roughly: 400yl/3 where Y is yield in kT. 400 ft is said to be the 'scale depth' of the shots. Kedrovskii (1970) suggests a slightly greater scale depth of 160 metres. Thus typical explosion depths range from 100-150m up to 1km or so. Exceptionally, explosions have been fired deeper: examples are the US explosion RULISON (10 September 1969) at 2575m depth and a Soviet PNE at 2440m depth used to extinguish an oil weil fire (MarshalI, 1972). Seepage or venting did occur in a few US tests every year up to 1971, but after a major venting accident in 1970 (the BANEBERRY test) arevision of testing procedures appears to have taken place, and only a limited number of seeps have happened since (EPA, 1987).

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