A History of Magic and Experimental Science, Volume I by Lynn Thorndike

By Lynn Thorndike

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Knopfler , IV, 4. Steele, R. Opera hactenus inedita Rogeri Baconi, 190 $.. 192 0 . Steinschneider, Moritz. , (1880) 57-128. Apollonius von Thyana (oder Balinas ) hei den Arabern, in Zeitschri ft d. deutschen morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, XLV ( r 891 ) 439-46. , XLIX ( 1895) . , Berlin, XXXVII (r866) 35 1-410 . WORKS FREQUENTLY CITED xxxvii Der Aberglaube, Hamburg, 190 0 , 34 pp. Die europaischen Uebersetzungen aus dem Arabischen bis Mitte des 17 Jahrhunderts, in Sitzungsberichte d. kaiserl, Akad.

Lenormant, pp. 35, 147, 158. Thompson, Semitic Magic pp. xxxviii-xxxix, J :L I 8 'Greece and Babylon, p. L t 6 enorrnant, pp. 14 -7.. G Ibid, p. 158. :$ 296. t INTRODUCTI01V 19 I have humbled myself before you and bring to you my cause, Because of the evil they have done, Of the impure things which they have handled. May she die! Let me live! May her charm, her witchcraft, her sorcery be broken. May the plucked sprig of the binu tree purify me; May it release me; may the evil odor of my mouth be' scattered to the winds, May the mashiakal herb which fills the earth cleanse me~ Before you let me shine like the lla·nlla,l herb, Let me be brilliant and pure as the lardu herb.

But the texts do not afford much information" 3 on this point, Certainly the beliefs in evil spirits and in magic do not always. have to go together, and mag-ic might be employed against disease whether or not it was ascribed to a demon. In the case of medicine as in that of religion Breasted takes the view that the amount of magic became greater in the Middle and New Kingdoms than in the Old Kingdom. This is true so far as the amount of space occupied by it in extant records is concerned. But it would be rash to assume that this marks a decline from a more rational and scientific attitude ill the Old Kingdom.

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