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The movie also had subplots concerning terrorists, General Noriega of Panama (Young), and the mythical King Neptune (Zane). The production seemed jinxed from the moment it started. After the ship had left New Orleans, the camera crew realized they had forgotten the proper equipment, forcing the director of photography to shoot the entire film with the wrong lenses. It was released with little fanfare as The Unsinkable Shecky Moskowitz and quickly faded into obscurity. ” It did contain several moments of twentythree-year-old Sandler performing some of his earliest stand-up material, but that alone was not enough to save a film most people considered a waste of time.

Once he secured that, he prepared to join one of the most famous writing staffs in all of comedy. 36 Adam Sandler The question still remained why Sandler, whose act was not typical SNL fodder, was hired in the first place. Years later, Rock asked Lorne Michaels what it was that made him hire the two young comics, since neither performer did impressions of famous celebrities or invented characters that could be used on the show. Michaels told him, “The reason I hired you guys was original thought.

44 After he attended Farley’s funeral, Sandler returned to work on his then current film. It had the working title of The Wedding Band and came about the way many of his projects had in the past. Tim Herlihy said, “We wanted to do something set in the 80s and we were batting around ideas. ” 45 Before Herlihy completed the script, Sandler approached actress Drew Barrymore to costar as his leading lady, and she readily agreed. Retitled The Wedding Singer, the film became another full-fledged Team Sandler production, directed by Frank Coraci, produced by Robert Simonds and Brad Grey (Sandler’s manager), and with roles for Allen Covert, Steve Buscemi, and Kevin Nealon.

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