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Adaptive Hierarchical Isogeometric Finite Element Methods by Anh-Vu Vuong

By Anh-Vu Vuong

​Isogeometric finite parts mix the numerical answer of partial differential equations and the outline of the computational area given by way of rational splines from machine aided geometric layout. This paintings offers a well-founded advent to this subject after which extends isogeometric finite parts by means of an area refinement process, that is crucial for an effective adaptive simulation. Thereby a hierarchical method is customized to the numerical specifications and the correct theoretical houses of the foundation are ensured. The computational effects recommend the elevated potency and the possibility of this neighborhood refinement method.

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Furthermore, ψ is the jump of ψ across the edge. Such jumps of the derivative of uh in normal direction are typical for the standard C 0 -continuous basis functions, and they carry significant information with respect to the error. Averaging error estimates were introduced by Zienkiewicz and Zhou [102]. As seen above, for C 0 -continuous basis functions the derivative ph := ∇uh features jumps across the edges between adjacent elements. 5 Implementation Issues 39 is employed for error estimation.

Therefore, we seek suitable formulations for the algorithms right from the beginning. 1 Heat and Potential Flow Almost every introduction to partial differential equations starts with the Poisson problem −Δu = f. 1) It serves as a model equation for different phenomena. Diffusion is described by Fick’s first law of diffusion, which relates the diffusive flux fd with the diffusion coefficient κ and the concentration ϕ fd = −κ∇ϕ. 2) If this is combined with the conservation of flux ∇ · fd = g with a source term g this results in −κΔϕ = g.

It is based upon the assumption that it is feasible to describe a material body as a continuum. This neglects the atomic nature and therefore the body is assumed to be infinitely dividable. We will concentrate on problems from elasticity, which again lead to elliptic partial differential equations. There are plentiful references that deal with this topic and it is only possible to give an incomplete and subjective selection for continuum mechanics in general [50, 92] or elasticity [72, 31, 75]. 1 Mathematical Models 21 Kinematics At any instant time t a body B occupies an open subset within the euclidean space, a configuration of B.

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