An introduction to the classification of amenable by Huaxin Lin

By Huaxin Lin

The speculation and purposes of C*-algebras are regarding fields starting from operator thought, staff representations and quantum mechanics, to non-commutative geometry and dynamical platforms. through Gelfand transformation, the speculation of C*-algebras can also be considered as non-commutative topology. a couple of decade in the past, George A. Elliott initiated this system of class of C*-algebras (up to isomorphism) by means of their K-theoretical information. It begun with the class of AT-algebras with actual rank 0. given that then nice efforts were made to categorise amenable C*-algebras, a category of C*-algebras that arises such a lot obviously. for instance, a wide category of easy amenable C*-algebras is found to be classifiable. the appliance of those effects to dynamical platforms has been tested.

This e-book introduces the new improvement of the idea of the class of amenable C*-algebras ? the 1st such try out. the 1st 3 chapters current the fundamentals of the speculation of C*-algebras that are quite vital to the speculation of the type of amenable C*-algebras. bankruptcy four otters the category of the so-called AT-algebras of actual rank 0. the 1st 4 chapters are self-contained, and will function a textual content for a graduate direction on C*-algebras. The final chapters comprise extra complex fabric. specifically, they care for the type theorem for easy AH-algebras with actual rank 0, the paintings of Elliott and Gong. The ebook comprises many new proofs and a few unique effects regarding the class of amenable C*-algebras. in addition to being as an advent to the idea of the class of amenable C*-algebras, it's a entire reference for these extra conversant in the topic.

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Then there is a Borel probability measure \i on X which is translation invariant for a. Proof. Let a ( / ) = / o o~~l be an automorphism on C(X). It is a norm one linear operator. Let a* be the adjoint on the dual space M{X) of all regular Borel measures on X (a*(/x)(/) = fx a(f)dfi). Then a* has norm 1. Since a > 0, a*(/x) > 0 if /x > 0. If \i > 0, then ||a*( M )|| = (a*(/x))(X) = ^

If a G / , lim}, a*a(l — ex) = 0. Hence lim \\a - aexf = lim ||(1 - ex)a*a(l - ex)\\ < lim \\a*a(l - e A )|| = 0. Therefore a = limA o,ex- Hence a* = lim A exa*. Since exa* G / , we conclude that a* G L Therefore / is C*-subalgebra. To see it is hereditary, let 0 < c < a, where c G A+ and a G i+. 9 c G Her(a) = aAa. But aAa C / . Hence / is hereditary. Now suppose that {e^} is an approximate identity for I. By definition, ||a|| = infb£/ \\a + b\\ for all a G A. Fix a £ A. Put a = infbgj \\a + b\\ and /3 = limA ||a(l — eA)a*|| (it exists since the net is 24 The Basics of C* -algebras decreasing).

To prove (iii) => (i), suppose that (f> is strongly continuous. ,£ n a n d S > 0 such that \(a)\ < 1, whenever maxfc{||a(£fc)||} < S for all a € B{H). For any a G £ ( # ) , put 6 = ( S „ = i ^ | | 2 ) l / 2 . Then \4>{b)\ < 1. Thus |^(a)|<(l/<5)(^||aa||2)1/2. 9) Von Neumann 35 algebras for all a £ B(H). 4, we define £ = £1 © • • • © £„ in ij( n ). On the vector subspace V = {p{a)£ : a £ B(H)}, define ^(p(a)O = 4>{a). 4), ^ is a linear functional (on the \^{p{o)i)\ < (l/($)||p(a)£||. So it is a bounded linear functional.

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