Art et archéologie : L'Egypte ancienne by Christiane Ziegler

By Christiane Ziegler

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Baer was fascinated with polyhedral structures and needed space and a workforce to experiment with his latest inventions, so he approached the Droppers, offering his designs in exchange for Dropper labor. At Drop City Baer introduced “zomes,” four of which were eventually constructed. The zome is a dome-like system that involves fewer parts and is more forgiving than Fuller’s geodesics. Fuller domes require total accuracy, whereas zomes allow for spontaneity and additions, alterations and mistakes.

Diet, fashion, relationships, decisions, and time: all were on the drawing board. ”15 The Dropping was a context for thinking about a total artwork that encompassed every element of daily life. Through this expansive notion of the Dropping, they were able, as Kaprow advocated, to “unart” art— yet they were able to take it much further than Kaprow would have imagined possible. At Drop City lifestyle was cultivated as art; acting out an alternative reality was in fact the project at hand. But why not simply create a new way of living; why frame it as a Dropping?

Somehow we have not gone hungry . . 30 Resourcefulness was as much a learned practice as it was embedded in each of the founding Droppers’ upbringing. In fact, a working-class background might distinguish the Droppers from other commune builders in their generation. While many sixties-era communes were created by disaffected suburban youths who were fueled by private trust funds,31 Droppers started with $1,000. They had no cushion, no backup, no privileged life to return to after a foray into the wilds of the counterculture.

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