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Asymmetries in the Phonology of Miogliola by Mirco Ghini

By Mirco Ghini

Drawing on a twin services of infrequent depth, Mirco Ghini's publication is an enormous contribution to either Romance dialectology and phonological idea. It supplies a accomplished account of the segmental and metrical phonology of the Ligurian dialect of the village of Miogliola, North-west Italy. in accordance with the author's personal fieldwork, it's the first in-depth research of this zone, additionally tracing its improvement from Latin. characteristic project, underspecification, and volume alternations are such a lot well-known one of the common theoretical concerns on which the details of Miogliola phonology, meticuously analysed, are dropped at endure with splendor and strength.

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Another possible solution is doing away with [Coronal]-specification and trying to capture structural generalizations on well-formedness. In the case at issue here, the structural well-formedness conditions must hold for onsets. In what follows I try to offer a solution in this direction. Consider the following representations, relevant to the discussion to follow. (29) PLACE representation of tautosyllabic coronal+coronal clusters (ART=ARTICULATOR; T H = T O N G U E HEIGHT) a. /tl/ t 1 PLACE PLACE ART ΤΗ / ΤΗ ART b.

Before /i/, though, the marking works differently, with a surface alternating [t/s] being underlyingly unspecified and contrasting with a non-alternating [t] being underlyingly marked for continuancy. In this particular environment the two contrasting phonemes are Iii and ΙΎΙ. The chart below summarizes. (27) Contextual [±continuant]-specification in Finnish Before Iii: III ΓΤΙ [-cont] [Ocont] Elsewhere: /T/ [Ocont] /s/ [+cont] Assuming that the assibilation rule is feature filling, the learner's default assumption unless evidence to the contrary is provided, the representation, and the derivations of the words examined so far are the following.

Here, the order of feature assignment has priority over minimality of specification. A parallel path is taken in Modified Contrastive Specification where features are organized in a hierarchical fashion within the organizing nodes, and these are in turn organized in dependency relations. Rice and Avery (1991), for example, have the structure in (17), supposedly universal, where AIR FLOW is the organizing node dominating the continuancy features. (17) Hierarchical organization of organizing nodes (Rice and Avery 1991) Root I AIR FLOW SONORITY PLACE Given dependency relations, it is inherent in this structure that place contrasts are made within manner classes and not vice versa, much in the spirit of Steriade's proposal.

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