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Baguazhang Volume 1 by Erle Montaigue

By Erle Montaigue

Baguazhang is expounded to be the sister of Tai Chi Chuan, the mummy of the 3 inner platforms. it really is one of many latest chinese language healing/martial arts of the interior approach and comprises some of the best of the Shaolin Martial arts in addition to the superior of the Buddhism or Taoism scuffling with arts.

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BACK FACING PALM CHANGE: (4) After walking the circle and arriving back at the starting position, as before, repeat the posture of 'PURPLE SWALLOW THROWS FAN'. See previous photos for this posture of the same name. Instead of staying on the rear leg for 'CLOSE THE DOOR, PUSH THE MOON', take a step with the left foot forward and change the weight onto the left foot while performing this same posture. PHOTO NO. 75. The Circular Form Page 56 COLOURFUL ROOSTER STRETCHES LEG: This is the same posture as in the second palm change only you do not have to take the step backwards because you have already taken a step forward to open the stance.

NB/ This movement is a fa-jing movement. (Previous Page) APPLICATION: Take that last attacker’s head and slam it down with you right palm as your left palm attacks to another attacker’s groin. A37. Or you could be avoiding a kick and slamming his leg with your left palm while your right attacks to his groin as he is in a vulnerable position. PUSH THE MOUNTAIN INTO THE SEA: • HEALING: This is a carry on from the previous posture and is often used with it. The mountain refers to the mountain of shit that most people carry around inside of us, both emotional and physical.

23. This could be followed by grabbing the attacker's palm to hold it onto yours and twisting around to break the arm. PHOTO NO. 24. THE EIGHT PALMS AND THEIR MEANING: Page. 30 CHAPTER SEVEN: WALKING THE CIRCLE: T his is the main area of Baguazhang. The whole of the art is based upon this particular walking method. This is not to say that in the self defence area we must walk in this strange way. The walking was found to be the best way to train one's body to be able to bob and weave out of all situations.

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