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Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior by Darren Westwood;Andrew Paskin

By Darren Westwood;Andrew Paskin

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Uchinadi Pinan Nidan – Kakushi Waza Perpetuity A 55 Bushi-Jutsu In this example, same side wrist grab to the left arm is the attack. Strike Shuto across the attacker’s wrist, grab it and pull back into Koshi Gamae (trapping the attacker’s arm with your arm). Strike Gedan Tetsui Uchi to the attacker’s facial region, pull back Osai Uke to the attacker’s elbow joint and shatter the arm. Hiza Geri to the attacker’s head, as you step in, maintain the lock, Mawate and take your attacker to ground (pull back and up as you complete the technique).

Note: We, the authors of this work, do not condone unnecessary or unprovoked violence. During these and forthcoming examples of Bunkai Jutsu, we seek only to enlighten with the evidence that the true application of Kata was devastating. Only the minimal amount of controlled aggression should be required to bring most confrontations to a quick and merciful close. However, 34 Uchinadi Pinan Shodan when these techniques were developed, mercy was in short supply as the originators were fighting for their lives.

You will ‘stagger’ into Kosa Dachi. When the boxer ‘back-pedals’ in the ring, he will use Kosa Dachi. If a hook or right-cross is thrown, the technique will end in Kosa Dachi. This stance is often overlooked but is actually a very balanced and solid stance for combat. The attack is in the form of Mae Geri, Oi Zuki. The defence is a step off-line into Hidari Kosa Dachi (to avoid the Mae Geri) and a Ude Uke to block the Oi Zuki. A counter Mae Geri is applied followed by a drop into Gyaku Zuki.

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