Carbon Dioxide Angiography: Principles, Techniques, and by Kyung Cho, Irvin F. Hawkins

By Kyung Cho, Irvin F. Hawkins

With an abundance of illustrations and tables to focus on serious info, this resource offers a pragmatic method of using CO2 as a distinction agent for diagnostic angiography, vascular intervention, and different interventional tactics in either adults and pediatrics. in actual fact laying-out key issues within the technology, procedure, and medical functions of this method, this resource could be a relentless better half for physicians treating a variety of issues affecting arterial and venous move.

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The hemodynamic response to the intracaval injections of large amounts of CO2 was greater when the animals were placed in the right lateral decubitus position. CLINICAL APPLICATIONS Carbon dioxide has been generally used as an alternative venous contrast agent in patients with renal failure or a history of contrast allergies. At our institution, CO2 is the contrast agent of choice for a variety of venous studies, including subclavian venography, wedged hepatic venography, percutaneous splenoportography, and inferior vena cavography prior to filter placement in patients with renal failure or contrast allergy and fine-needle TIPS.

Once the bag has been filled with CO2, it is connected to the side arm port of the fluid management system. A 60 mL luer-lock syringe is connected to the injection port of the system. Once all connections have been made, the stopcock between the bag and the CO2 fluid management system is closed before aspirating the syringe to check for an air leak. CO2 as a Venous Contrast Agent 43 Figure 7 Absorption of CO2 bubbles trapped in the right atrium in the left lateral decubitus position at 15 seconds (A), 30 sec (B), and 45 sec (C) following peripheral IV injection.

Carbon dioxide and horizontal fluoroscopy in intrauterine fetal transfusions. Radiology 1965; 85:481– 484. Overview of CO2 as a Contrast Agent 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 21 Kudo M, Tomita S, Tochio H, et al. Sonography with intraarterial infusion of carbon dioxide microbubbles (sonographic angiography): value in differential diagnosis of hepatic tumors. AJR 1992; 158:65– 74. Mladinich CRJ, Akins EW, Hawkins IF Jr. Feasibility of carbon dioxide (CO2) as an angioscopic medium: comparison to various methods of saline delivery to improve angioscopic visibility.

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