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Ciba Foundation Symposium 182 - Germline Development by CIBA Foundation Symposium

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Connects classical mobile descriptive reports with more moderen paintings at the molecular and genetic elements concerning germline improvement. famous scientists talk about examine on quite a number organisms together with bugs, worms, birds, fish, amphibia, mammals and eco-friendly algae. Specification of germ cells, their migration to the gonads and next interactions with the soma and evolutionary elements in their segregation are one of the themes coated.


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Cell 55:15-25 Weismann A 1885 Die Continuitat des Keimplasmas als Grundlage einer Theorie der Vererbung. Fischer-Verlag, Jena Wood WB, Schierenberg E, Strome S 1984 Localization and determination in early embryos of Caenorhabditis elegans. In: Davidson E H , Firtel RA (eds) Molecular biology of early development. Alan R Liss, New York, p 37-49 DlSCUSSlON McLaren: You mentioned that P granules are a great marker for germ cells but we don’t know what they are made of or what they do; would you like to speculate?

Mutations in the par genes, which affect partitioning and division patterns during the earliest divisions of C. elegans embryos, result in maternal-effect embryonic lethality (Kemphues et a1 1988). Presumably, mutations in mes-l allow embryonic survival because they affect 39 Germline development in C. elegans 1200 1000 '0 m g -Fa 2 800 600 C 2i-E + mes-Z(bnl1) 400 200 * mes-3(bn21) + mes-4(4n50) 0 I L2 L1 1 - I L3 1 L4 adult Stage of development FIG, 6 , Post-embryonicgermline proliferation in wild-type, mes-2, mes-3 and mes-4 animals.

But he does get it at high frequency when he uses a UV-irradiation protocol similar to one that we used to produce a high-frequency mutation at the regA locus, which we postulated to induce an abnormal, locus-specific chromosomal rearrangement (Kirk et a1 1987). 24 Discussion Together, these observations raise the interesting possibility that the sexdetermining loci of males and females may differ by one or more inversions that bring different genes under control of the same regulatory loci in the two sexes.

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