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Collective Consciousness and Its Discontents:: Institutional by Rodrick Wallace

By Rodrick Wallace

An previous booklet by means of Rodrick Wallace entitled recognition: A Mathematical remedy of the worldwide Neuronal Workspace version, brought a proper information-theoretic method of person attention. This most recent publication takes a extra formal 'groupoid' viewpoint to its predecessor and generalizes the consequences awarded in that past booklet. It applies a multiple-workspace model of Dr. Wallace’s previous cognizance version to large-scale institutional cognition.

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The essence of ‘adiabatic’ is that, when the information source is parametized according to some appropriate scheme, within continuous ‘pieces’ of that parametization, changes in parameters take place slowly enough so that the information source remains as close to stationary and ergodic as is needed to make the fundamental theorems work. By ‘stationary’ we mean that probabilities do not change in time, and by ‘ergodic’ (roughly) that cross-sectional means converge to long-time averages. Between ‘pieces’ one invokes various kinds of phase change formalism, for example, renormalization theory in cases where a mean field approximation is appropriate, as described in the Appendix.

Each vertex then represents a different information source dual to a cognitive process. This is not a representation of a neural network as such, or of some circuit in silicon. It is, rather, an abstract set of ‘languages’ dual to the cognitive processes instantiated by biological structures, social process, machines, or their hybrids. This structure generates a groupoid, in the sense of Weinstein (1996). 2 The cognitive modular network groupoid 29 if there exists a high probability grammatical path individually connecting them to the same base point, and tuning across the various possible ways in which that can happen – the different cognitive languages – parametizes the set of equivalence relations and creates the groupoid.

E. by a high probability, grammatical and syntactical path linking them with some given base point, but those that can define the groupoid element, a morphism g = (aj , ak ) having the natural inverse g −1 = (ak , aj ). Given such a pairing, connection by a meaningful path with the same base point, it is possible to define ‘natural’ end-point maps α(g) = aj , β(g) = ak from the set of morphisms G into A, and a formally associative product in the groupoid g1 g2 provided α(g1 g2 ) = α(g1 ), β(g1 g2 ) = β(g2 ), and β(g1 ) = α(g2 ).

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