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Colonial Policy: Volume II The Dutch East Indies by Dr. A. D. A. Kat De Angelino (auth.)

By Dr. A. D. A. Kat De Angelino (auth.)

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Clive Day is inclined to make the policy of Van der Capellen, and especially his jealous refusal to admit private Western enterprise, almost equally responsible with Van den Bosch, the father of that system. This conception is not altogether unjustified. By refusing to admit private Western enterprise, notwithstanding the proclamation of freedom of trade and agriculture for the Javanese, contact with world markets was prevented, a system of communications could not be developed and the population was delivered to a few gross exploiters, themselves mostly of Javanese origin.

Cit. p. 75. Dr. de Haan (op. cit. p. 339*) points out that in the pe· riod of the Company the Regent already drew a portion of the religious taxes and receipts. ") Ct. Pronk, op. cit. p. 4-19, for the organisation of the administrative bodies from 1808 to 1900. THE ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM 39 ters. A few regions in Java still remained for some time Assistant Residencies, but most had already become Residencies. In 1866 the main administrative units acquired the rank of Residencies. The further sub-division into smaller administrative units under Assistant Residents with their own administrative divisions was of great importance (Stbl.

All this, as Clive Day remarks, had to be accomplished in a country where scarcely one village headman could read or write. As there was no money for the staff and the administration necessitated by this plan, the Residents sought in vain for the surveyors and collectors they needed. It is unnecessary to relate the details of this well meant reform. In this as in other matters Raffles's great merit should be sought in his pointing the way which it was for his successors to follow, and this merit is not decreased by the fact that, as Clive Day remarks, there never was a system the execution of which was further removed from the plans of its originator.

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