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Computational pharmaceutics : application of molecular by Defang Ouyang, Sean C. Smith

By Defang Ouyang, Sean C. Smith

Molecular modeling strategies were common in drug discovery fields for rational drug layout and compound screening. Now those innovations  are used to version or mimic the habit of molecules, and aid us examine formula on the molecular point. Computational pharmaceutics permits us to appreciate the mechanism of drug supply, and to enhance new drug supply systems.

The booklet discusses the modeling of other drug supply structures, together with cyclodextrins, good dispersions, polymorphism prediction, dendrimer-based supply structures, surfactant-based micelle, polymeric drug supply structures, liposome, protein/peptide formulations, non-viral gene supply structures, drug-protein binding, silica nanoparticles, carbon nanotube-based drug supply structures, diamond nanoparticles and layered double hydroxides (LDHs) drug supply systems.

Although there are many latest books approximately rational drug layout with molecular modeling innovations, those thoughts nonetheless glance mysterious and daunting for pharmaceutical scientists. This booklet fills the distance among pharmaceutics and molecular modeling, and provides a scientific and total advent to computational pharmaceutics. It covers all introductory, complex and professional degrees. It presents a unconditionally diversified standpoint to pharmaceutical scientists, and should enormously facilitate the advance of pharmaceutics. It additionally is helping computational chemists to appear for the real questions within the drug supply field.

This e-book is integrated within the Advances in Pharmaceutical Technology publication series.

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