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Des éléments aux traces = elements and traces by Matthijs Engelberts, Danile De Ruyter, Karine Germoni

By Matthijs Engelberts, Danile De Ruyter, Karine Germoni

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We may thus think of the river as a sacred source of fertility, nourishing life, which is why rivers have often been seen as female. It has also been viewed as a symbol of immortality, evident in the practice of bathing in the Ganges or the dipping of Achilles in the Styx in Greek myth, and as a site of baptism and rebirth, as the river Jordan is described in the Bible. On the other hand, and closely linked with notions of life and rebirth, is the view of the river as being connected with death.

Complete Dramatic Works (London: Faber, 1986). “Infernal Streams” – Beckett’s Rivers 47 –, Dream of Fair to Middling Women (Dublin: Blackcat P, 1992). –, Murphy (London: Calder, 1993). –, The Trilogy: Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable (London: Calder 1994). –, The Complete Short Prose, 1929-1989, ed. Stan Gontarski (New York: Grove, 1995). –, ‘The Downs,’ Beckett International Foundation, U of Reading, UoR MS2911/1. –, “German Diaries 1936/37,” Beckett International Foundation, U of Reading.

Lorsque le récit évoque la contemplation à laquelle se livre le personnage s’attardant à la pointe de l’île, le fleuve se donne comme un reflet de l’espace du dedans: “comme en de joyeux remous les deux bras confluaient et refluaient unis” (1986, 61). Le texte ne sépare pas le monde extérieur du monde intérieur; la rêverie face au fleuve exprime la nostalgie, l’impossibilité des retrouvailles et, dans le même temps les adieux à une vie désormais inaccessible. L’eau et le nœud d’impossibilités Monde extérieur invivable, monde intérieur en proie à la division: les aspects de l’eau dans le théâtre de Beckett pourraient laisser croire à un univers uniformément désespérant.

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