Development, Anatomy, and Physiology by A.D. Johnson (Eds.)

By A.D. Johnson (Eds.)

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Am. /. Anat. 3, 89. Arey, L. B. (1965). "Developmental Anatomy," 7th ed. Saunders, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Asdell, S. A. (1946). " Cornell Univ. Press (Comstock), Ithaca, New York. , and Courot, M. (1963). Developpement testiculaire et etablissement de la spermatogenese chez le taureau. Ann. Biol. , Biophys. 3, 219. Bergin, W. C , Coffman, J. , Gier, Η. , and Marion, G. B. (1970). A develop­ mental concept of equine cryptorchism. Biol. Reprod. (in press). Bissonnette, Τ. H. (1924). The development of the reproductive ducts and canals in the free-martin with comparison of the normal.

Arrows indicate first spermatocyte formation, χ 670. ( C ) In July, after completion of one reproductive season, all spermatids and spermatocytes have degenerated, leaving only the basal layer of spermatogonia and Sertoli cells, with an acellular, fibrous, near solid core. X 540. Η. Τ. Gier and G. Β. Marion 42 are nearly occluded (Fig. 12C). The numbers of Leydig cells are also greatly reduced. The testis, with epididymis, is maintained in reduced, inactive condition through the summer with an average weight of less than 4 gm.

Tunica albuginea (TA) is well formed and seminiferous cords (S) are distinct. X 60. ( E ) Rete tubules ( R ) and their connections to seminiferous cords ( S ) in the testis of a newborn dog. X 60. ( F ) Sagittal section through the anterior end of a 10-week dog testis. Semini­ ferous cords (S) connect into the centrally located rete (R) which has been almost totally retracted into the testis proper, and is connected anteriorly to 10 or 11 separate vasa efferentia ( V E ) . The vasa, in turn, connect to the mass of larger epididymal duct ( E D ) of the head epididymis ( H e p ) , (pampiniform plexus— PP; tunica albuginea—TA; tunica vaginalis—TV).

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