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Dynamic Isolation Technologies in Negative Pressure by Zhonglin Xu, Bin Zhou

By Zhonglin Xu, Bin Zhou

This e-book provides novel layout rules and applied sciences for dynamic isolation in keeping with experimental reports. those methods have now turn into the neighborhood commonplace in Beijing and are at the moment being promoted to be used national. extra, the ebook presents information of measures and directions for the layout technique. Departing from the conventional realizing that isolation wards will be designed with excessive unfavourable strain, hermetic doorways and clean air, it establishes the foundation for designing organic fresh rooms, together with isolation wards, utilizing an easy and handy medical approach.

This publication is meant for designers, engineers, researchers, health facility administration employees and graduate scholars in heating air flow air con (HVAC), air cleansing applied sciences and similar areas.

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1 lm. But actually the virus is attached to its nutritious matters. They are released into the air by various forces such as coughing. This means that there are carriers for the existing virus (also including bacteria) in air. The diameter of these microbes with carriers was termed as the equivalent diameter [11]. For example, the size of the bacteriophage in the processing of the monosodium glutamate factory is about 2–5 lm. Selleris and Herniman investigated the foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) in the natural world.

7. In order to prevent the leakage of experimental bacteria outwards from the buffer room, negative pressure difference should be maintained between buffer room and outer room. There are no experimental bacteria in outer room. This is different from the before-mentioned test with atmospheric dust. (2) On the other hand, the pressure difference is not the sole factor for the dispersion of pollutant. Temperature difference also exists for such effect. 1 About High Negative Pressure 25 which cannot be weakened or offset by pressure difference.

Xu, Fundamentals of Air Cleaning Technology and Its Application in Cleanrooms (Springer Press, New York, 2014), p. 428 12. X. Yu, Air cleaning : the major measure for removing microbial aerosol particles. J. HV&AC, 41(2), 32–37 (2011) 13. D. Verreault, S. Moineau, C. Duchaine, Methods for sampling of airborne viruses. Microbiol. Mol. Biol. Rev. 72(3), 413–444 (2008) 14. J. Shen, Multi-application isolation ward and its air conditioning technique without condensed water. Build. Energy Environ. 24(3), 22–26 (2005) Chapter 3 Principle and Technology of Dynamic Isolation Based on the reflection on these three misunderstandings for the design of negative pressure isolation ward, as well as a series of experimental studies, both the concept and the effective technology for effective isolation of airborne transmission were formed under the dynamic condition during the common operation of negative pressure isolation ward.

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