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Early Language Development: Bridging brain and behaviour by Angela D. Friederici, Guillaume Thierry

By Angela D. Friederici, Guillaume Thierry

This ebook establishes a conversation among experimental psychology and electrophysiology within the examine of toddler language improvement. at the one hand, conventional equipment of research into language improvement have reached a excessive point of refinement regardless of being restricted to gazing babies’ overt behavioral responses. however, newer tools akin to neuroimaging and, specifically, event-related potentials offer entry to implicit responses from the newborn mind whereas usually counting on fairly gross experimental contrasts. The goals of this booklet are either to supply neuroscientists with an outline of the creative behavioral paradigms which were built within the box of language improvement and to introduce the ability of neurophysiological indices to behavioral experimentalists. the 2 methods are in comparison at a variety of degrees of processing: phonetic discrimination, specific belief, speech segmentation, syllable and be aware attractiveness, semantic priming. A basic dialogue brings jointly the 2 methods, highlights their respective contributions and barriers and proposes positive rules for destiny integration.

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Do these shifts in speech sound perception facilitate subsequent language learning? Do they constitute a step in a continuous process in language acquisition? Early speech   Barbara T. Conboy, Maritza Rivera-Gaxiola, Juan Silva-Pereyra and Patricia K. Kuhl perception abilities may underlie the ability to recognize and segment words from ongoing speech (Jusczyk 1993, 1994, 1997; Kuhl 2000a; Mehler, Dupoux, and Segui 1990; Werker and Yeung 2005), and those abilities may in turn facilitate other aspects of language acquisition (Newman, Ratner, Jusczyk, Jusczyk and Dow 2006; Weber, Hahne, Friedrich and Friederici 2004).

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