Ecology, behaviour and conservation of the charrs, genus by Pierre Magnan, Céline Audet, Hélène Glémet, Michel Legault,

By Pierre Magnan, Céline Audet, Hélène Glémet, Michel Legault, Marco A. Rodríguez, Eric B. Taylor

Salvelinus species are the most completely studied teams of fishes. Many purposes clarify this extreme curiosity in charr biology. Charrs have a Holarctic distribution encompassing many Asian, North American, and ecu international locations and occupy different marine and freshwater environments. additionally, the present distribution of charr contains components that have been at once stimulated via weather and topographic switch linked to the numerous Pleistocene glaciations. definitely, those stipulations have promoted a lot of the super morphological, ecological, and genetic variability and plasticity inside of Salvelinus species they usually make charr excellent types to check evolutionary approaches 'in action'. Many charr species additionally show demographic features resembling sluggish progress, past due adulthood, and existence in severe environments, which may elevate their susceptibility to extinction from habitat adjustments and overexploitation, specifically in depauperate aquatic habitats. This vulnerability makes knowing their biology of significant relevance to biodiversity and conservation. eventually, charr are of significant cultural, advertisement, and leisure importance to many groups, and their intimate linkage with human societies has prompted a lot curiosity during this enigmatic genus. This quantity contains a range of papers offered on the fourth overseas Charr Symposium held in Trois-Rivières (Québec, Canada), from 26 June to one July 2000. It contains 31 papers on ecological interactions and behavior, trophic polymorphism, circulate and migration, ecophysiology and evolutionary genetics, ecological parasitology, environmental pressure and conservation. those experiences can't conceal all contemporary advancements within the ecology, behaviour and conservation of Salvelinus species, yet gathering them right into a certain quantity should still carry consciousness to present learn in this vital genus and stimulate additional paintings on Salvelinus species.

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