Efficient Hvac Systems Deskbook by Albert Thumann

By Albert Thumann

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Page 32 Unit Heater Unit heaters have a fan and heating coil which may be electric, hot water or steam. They do not have distribution duct work but generally use adjustable air distribution vanes. Unit heaters may be mounted overhead for heating open areas or enclosed in cabinets for heating corridors and vestibules. Perimeter Radiation Perimeter radiation consists of electric resistance heaters or hot water radiators usually within an enclosure but without a fan. They are generally used around the conditioned perimeter of a building in conjunction with other interior systems to overcome heat losses through walls and windows.

This strategy (combined with heat pipes in one area) was recently implemented in the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, resulting in a 1995 ASHRAE Technology Award5: Of course, minimum outdoor ventilation requirements should be accounted for based on intermittent versus constant operation. In addition to fan cycling, adjustment of outdoor ventilation flow can also be employed to improve humidity control. Control strategies which control the amount of outdoor ventilation either by damper or outdoor fan adjustment based on outdoor humidity levels can be used to either reduce or increase the moisture load on the HVAC system.

3 Power varies as cube of fan speed 2. 8% savings. The fan performance is affected by the density of the air that the fan is handling. 33 cu ft per lb. When a fan is tested in a laboratory at different than standard air, the brake horsepower is corrected by using the Fan Laws. Fan Performance Curves Fan performance curves are used to determine the relationship between the quantity of air that a fan will deliver and the pressure it can discharge at various air quantities. For each fan type, the manufacturer can supply fan performance curves which can be used in design and as a tool of determining the fan efficiency.

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