Electricity 2: Devices, Circuits and Materials by Thomas Kubala

By Thomas Kubala

Electrical energy 2: units, Circuits and fabrics, ninth variation acquaints rookies to the sphere with a number of sorts of alternating present circuits, whereas constructing a superior realizing of the innovations of energy, strength issue, and gear issue correction. This ebook, thoroughly up-to-date to the 2008 nationwide electric Code®, explores alternating present rules and ideas of inductive reactance, capacitive reactance, and impedance. pattern difficulties and strategies on the finish of every unit supply an instantaneous path to realizing as readers observe key electric ideas in sensible troubleshooting events.

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The vector sum of the voltage across the resistance and the voltage across the capacitive reactance is equal to the total voltage in a series RC circuit. ACHIEVEMENT REVIEW Select the best answer for problems 1 through 7, and place the letter of the selected answer in the space provided. 1. The current of an RC series AC circuit can be found with __________ the expression E a. I = R . R d. IR = ET. E b. I = T . XC E e. I = R . Z c. I = E C . R Unit 5 Series Circuit: Resistance and Capacitance 41 2.

15 Ω E c. 25. d. 29. 14 Ω e. 35. Unit 4 Series Circuit: Resistance and Inductance 35 7. 08-hertz coil. The combination is connected to a 150-volt, 40-hertz source. The magnitude of total current, in amperes, is a. 14. d. 0. b. 36. e. 30. E R c. 75. 8. In the circuit shown in Figure 4-9, if ER = 21 volts, and EL = 28 volts, perform the following: a. Find the value of ET. ________________________________________ R E E T X L 4A ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ L Figure 4-9 Series RL circuit.

XC E e. I = R . Z c. I = E C . R Unit 5 Series Circuit: Resistance and Capacitance 41 2. In an AC series RC circuit, a. current lags total voltage. b. resistor voltage leads current. c. the angle between total current and total voltage is 90°. d. the circuit phase angle is greater than 0° but less than 90°. e. 4°. __________ 3. The total impedance, in ohms, of a series circuit containing two 30-ohm resistors and an 80-ohm capacitive reactance is a. 60. d. 110. b. 80. e. 140. c. 100. __________ 4.

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