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Ethical Issues in HIV Vaccine Trials by Thomas A. KERNS

By Thomas A. KERNS

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UPI. In Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 28 January 1988. 17. W. H. McNeill. , p 61. 18. S. Sontag. AIDS and Its Metaphors (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1988) 95, p 91. Consider also: [T]his pandemic will have profound economic and social implications for both developed and developing countries. The importance of health as an input to the economic development and growth of a country is well established - a healthier population is more productive and has an increased capacity for learning. The adverse impacts of the HIV/AIDS pandemic will undermine improvements in health status and, in turn, reduce the potential for economic growth.

P 135. 17. Encyclopedia Britannica, 1986. T h e e r a d i c a t i o n p r o g r a m " b e g a n with a p r o p o s a l by V i c t o r Z h d a n o v . . Vice Minister of H e a l t h for t h e Soviet U n i o n . It was t h e first serious s t a t e m e n t by a n y o n e [since E d w a r d J e n n e r first believed in t h e i d e a ] t h a t we c o u l d even d o this," said D o n a l d A. H e n d e r s o n , f o r m e r d i r e c t o r of t h e s m a l l p o x e r a d i c a t i o n p r o g r a m .

B. D. S c h o u b . , p p 2 4 5 - 4 6 . 12. Ibid. 13. D. A. F e l d m a n , ed. , p 237. 14. " Cf. L. Margulis, Symbiosis in Cell Evolution (San F r a n c i s c o : F r e e m a n , 1982). J o s h u a L e d e r b e r g , " P a n d e m i c as Natural Evolutionary P h e n o m e n o n , " in, A. Mack, ed. In Time of Plague: The History and Social Consequences of Lethal Epidemic Disease (New York: New York University Press, 1991) 206+xii. p p 3 7 - 3 8 . Cf. also t h e well-developed a r g u m e n t s s u p p o r t i n g this c o n c l u s i o n in P.

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