Exotic Animal Medicine: A Quick Reference Guide (1st by Lance Jepson

By Lance Jepson

Unique Animal drugs: a brief Reference consultant presents effectively obtainable, easy info for veterinarians who should not have unique wisdom of the vast majority of unique puppy species. The ebook supplies the main issues on differential diagnoses and diagnostics, besides historical past details on a large choice of unique pets. it's formatted in order that, even if skilled with exotics or now not, the clinician can at a look view the most likely stipulations to be encountered inside of that species or animal workforce; strengthen a possible differential analysis checklist speedy; start up an investigational plan; and consider therapy regimes. Species coated comprise ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, puppy rats, hamsters and different small rodents; parrots, budgerigars and similar species, canaries, finches, toucans; lizards, snakes, tortoises and turtles, frogs, salamanders; pond fish, tropical freshwater fish and tropical marine fish.* Covers all of the typically encountered unique pets in a single volume
* association of chapters through species and scientific signs
* a typical method of details presentation, allowing the clinician to entry details much more efficiently
* appropriate for veterinarians worldwide with an advent written through an American professional during this field
* with ease obtainable, undemanding: written in word form

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