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Globalization and its Discontents by Stephen Kenneth McBride

By Stephen Kenneth McBride

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From this perspective the range of non-compliance with OECD recommendations is noteworthy: only five suggestions for Turkey, but 29 for Germany. Sufficient progress is recorded on 20 per cent of the 291 recommendations; but there is no action, or it is opposite action, in 38 per cent of the cases. The category 'more action needed' requires a closer examination than can be provided here, but overall the picture seems one of continued policy diversity and considerable non-compliance by many countries with the homogenizing recommendations of the OECD, even though, as members of the organization, they had a hand in shaping them.

At the founding of the nation state, 18 What is Globalization? citizenship was generally conditional on property qualifications; then it evolved in the direction of universal political right and social citizenship, principles that exclude property considerations. , according to amount and kind of wealth possessed). In effect, globalization brings into the open the contradiction between the principles and practice of the so-called market and that of liberal democracy. These two modes of resource allocation in society, the economic and the political, are in principle contradictory despite their uneasy co-existence.

Gary Teeple 17 Liberal democracy reached its apogee in the post-Second World War period. Given the lessons of the war (embodied in part in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and the 1930s failure of capitalism and fear of socialism (addressed in the 'social citizenship' of the Keynesian welfare state), political right was ultimately extended to all adults regardless of status in property relations. For the first time in history the sanctity of the individual regardless of culture, colour, religion, gender or origin was ensconced in a set of principles.

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