Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease by Emmanuel A. Andreadis (eds.)

By Emmanuel A. Andreadis (eds.)

This publication presents accomplished research into individualized sufferer care, and utilizing evidence‐based medication whereas integrating easy scientific wisdom with utilized medication. The Editor and the individuals not just talk about very important matters on high blood pressure administration and its deleterious outcomes whether it is no longer well‐controlled, but in addition spotlight the real signaling pathways all in favour of the pathogenesis of hypertensive middle illness and cardiac hypertrophy.

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S. Stergiou Prognostic Value The ultimate criterion to identify a useful method for the assessment of a cardiovascular risk factor in clinical practice is its actual ability to predict future cardiovascular events. Two meta-analyses have investigated the evidence sourced from outcome trials assessing the prognostic ability of HBPM compared to OBP measurements [21, 22]. 9 years, which resulted in the availability of information based on almost 100,000 person/years of follow-up and showed HPBM to be superior to OBP measurements, with this difference being beyond chance for systolic BP.

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