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35 IEEE Std 141-1993 CHAPTER 2 Circuit redundancy may be needed in continuous-process industries to allow equipment maintenance. Although the reliability of electric power distribution equipment is high, optimum reliability and safety of operation still requires routine maintenance. A system that cannot be maintained because of the need to serve a continuous process is improperly designed. Far more can be accomplished by the proper selection of the circuit arrangement than by economizing on equipment details.

Unless otherwise directed, communication with contractors and suppliers is always through the construction (often inspection) authority. In returning corrected shop drawings, remember that the contract for supplying the equipment is usually with the general contractor and that the ofÞcial chain of communication is through him or her. Sometimes direct communication with a subcontractor or a manufacturer may be permitted; however, the content of such communication should always be conÞrmed in writing with the general contractor.

Cost is somewhat higher than a radial system because of duplication of primary cable and switchgear. ) A primary loop system offers improved reliability and service continuity in comparison to a radial system. In typical loop systems, power is supplied continuously from two sources at the ends of the loop. Such a system, if properly designed and operated, can 37 IEEE Std 141-1993 CHAPTER 2 Figure 2-3ÑPrimary selective system quickly recover from a single cable fault with no continuous loss of power to utilization equipment.

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