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Iron Age Funerary Stelae from Lebanon by H. SADER


SADER, H.: IRON AGE FUNERARY STELAE FROM LEBANON. BARCELONA, 2005, 169 p. figuras.Encuadernacion unique. Nuevo.

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Crossing the upper short line at a right angle is a short horizontal line. The surviving traces allon; the restitution of tau!. The signs of the fourth line are legible m-ith fair certainty in spite of the fact that the first one is slightly damaged: they read b?. Shr frDawn8'is attested as a divine component in Punic personal names (Benz 1972: 414-415), and is well known as a celestial deity from the Ugaritic myth of the ~Birthof the Gracious G o d s (Wyatt 1998: 324 ff). Theophorous names built with the term gr, feminine grt, and a divine name, are widely attested in phoenician and Punic onomastics (Benz 1972: 298 and 300).

In these later inscriptions, the middle stroke usually crosses the vertical line of the head. The form of the letter on our stele is quite Fig. 25. Stele 18 'lt,y,mm btgmr. 44 IRON AGE FUNERARY STELAE FROM LEBANON unusual and a close but not identical parallel is the sign mem in a 7Ihc. Maltese inscription (Peckham 1968: 107, 3). ~t differs from earlier 8'h/7thC. C. signs in that the head is quite orthogonal and not wavy, and from later inscriptions in that the middle vertical stroke of the head does not cross the horizontal line.

Director of the Tyre el-Bass excavations. IRON AGE FUNER4Ri' STELAE FROM LEBANON Since this divine name is clearly attested in Ugarit. '~z'mightbe a hypocoristic name built with the divine name An. The absence of the preposition lamed is finally to be noted. The evidence from the palaeography does not contradict the archaeological evidence and a date toarards the end of the 8"' c. can be suggested on the basis of the shape of the signs. However, the only letter characteristic enough to provide a close dating of the stele is menz with its oblique mlay head and its vertical shaft, a form a7hich finds its closest parallels in the Kilamuwa and Linlassol inscriptions, both dated to the 8'" c.

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