LAPACK95 users' guide by V. A. Barker, L. S. Blackford, J. Dongarra, J. Du Croz, S.

By V. A. Barker, L. S. Blackford, J. Dongarra, J. Du Croz, S. Hammarling, M. Marinova, J. Waœniewski, P. Yalamov

LAPACK95 is a Fortran ninety five interface to the Fortran seventy seven LAPACK library. it's appropriate for somebody who writes within the Fortran ninety five language and wishes trustworthy software program for simple numerical linear algebra. It improves upon the unique user-interface to the LAPACK package deal, benefiting from the substantial simplifications that Fortran ninety five permits. LAPACK95 clients' consultant presents an advent to the layout of the LAPACK95 package deal, an in depth description of its contents, reference manuals for the top reviews of the exercises, and instance courses

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Statement 7 defines arguments A and B to be allocatable real single-precision arrays. The program works in complex arithmetic if REAL(WP) is replaced by COMPLEX(WP). Statements 9-11 allocate A and B and assign data to these arrays. Statement 12 calls LA_GESV to solve the system. On exit, the solution matrix X is stored in array B. 1: Example program calling an LAPACK95 driver routine. Example 2 The program in Fig. GEQRF, which computes the QR factorization of a square matrix A (A = QR). 2). mod module from LAPACK95 and sets the precision to single precision (SP) via the internal parameter WP (working precision).

If an invalid argument is detected, the routines issue an error message and stop, as in LAPACK. However, in LAPACK95 there can be different reasons for an argument being invalid: illegal value : as in LAPACK. invalid shape (of an assumed-shape array): for example, a two-dimensional array is not square when it is required to be. inconsistent shapes (of two or more assumed-shape arrays): for example, arrays holding the right hand sides and solutions of a system of linear equations must have the same shape.

The generic property can be exploited. 2. The argument correctness of the calling program is checked by the interface. a, respectively. The compilation of the LAPACK95 source code produces a library and four modules. a, contains the LAPACK95 driver interface routines described in Part II. The modules are as follows: la,precision, mod: This concerns the use of single or double precision. mod: This contains interfaces between calls to LAPACK95 driver routines and the Iiblapack95. a library. a library.

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