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Methods in Mammalian Reproduction by Joseph C. Daniel Jr.

By Joseph C. Daniel Jr.

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However, there are often considerable variations in the response of different strains of mice to superovulation treatment (see Gates, 1971, for discussion). It will almost cer› tainly be necessary to try different hormone regimens when untested stocks are to be employed. The injection of 1-5 or even 10 IU PMSG followed 48 hours later by 1-5 or 10 IU HCG will usually provide large numbers of eggs, and receptive females which will mate with sterile or fertile males if this is required. While one hormone regimen may induce the ovulation of particularly large numbers of eggs, another, usually smaller, dose may synchronize estrus and encourage a higher proportion of the hormonally induced population to mate.

1954a). Exp. Cell Res. 7, 277-280. Braden, A. W. , and Austin, C. R. (1954b). Aust. J. Biol. Sci. 7, 552-565. Brinster, R. L. (1963). Exp. Cell Res. 32, 205-208. Champlin, A. , Dorr, D . , and Gates, A. H. (1973). Biol. Reprod. 8, 4 9 1 - 4 9 4 . Elbling, L. (1973). Nature (London) 246, 37-39. , and Beatty, R. A. (1952). J. Genet. 50, 455-470. Flechon, J. , and Thibault, C. (1964). J. Microsc. (Paris) 3, 34. Gates, A. H. (1971). In "Methods in Mammalian Embryology" (J. C. ), pp. 6 4 - 7 5 . Freeman, San Francisco, California.

2. ) 38 Matthew Η. Kaufman chloride to the medium. Little difference was observed in the overall activation frequency between the control and the experimental treatment groups. In similar studies by Graham and Deussen (1974), an increase in the activation frequency, compared to control levels, was observed in some strains of mice when eggs were cultured in hypotonic media. It is unclear whether these differences were due to strain variation or differences in experimental technique. As may be seen from Fig.

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