Modern Aspects of Josephson Dynamics and Superconductivity by Iman Askerzade, Ali Bozbey, Mehmet Cantürk

By Iman Askerzade, Ali Bozbey, Mehmet Cantürk

In this booklet new experimental investigations of houses of Josephson junctions and structures are explored with assistance from fresh advancements in superconductivity. the idea of the Josephson influence is gifted taking into consideration the effect of multiband and anisotropy results in new superconducting compounds. Anharmonicity results in current-phase relation on Josephson junctions dynamics are mentioned. contemporary stories in analogue and electronic superconductivity electronics are offered. subject matters of certain curiosity comprise resistive unmarried flux quantum common sense in electronic electronics. software of Josephson junctions in quantum computing as superconducting quantum bits are analyzed. specific cognizance is given to realizing chaotic behaviour of Josephson junctions and platforms. The publication is written for graduate scholars and researchers within the box of utilized superconductivity.

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2004; Wang et al. 2001). Similar results for subharmonic Shapiro steps was obtained in Kleiner et al. (1996) for c-axis YBCO/Pb tunnel junctions. 4 Influence of Anharmonic CPR on Dynamics of Long JJs Flux dynamics in long JJ play important role in the modern superconductivity electronics. In terminology long JJ, the word “long” means that we take into dynamics equations the variation of the phase along one of the spatial coordinates (x). Furthermore, in contrast to Josepshon junctions with harmonic in CPR, there is no universal length scale at which changing of Josephson phase or at which the weak magnetic field is screened.

High Ic RN can be reached in principle using HTS material. HTS JJs promise about 10 times a higher circuit speed than low temperature superconductors (LTS) (due to the 10 times larger Ic RN product of HTS) and have the additional advantage of being of the “self-shunted” type, eliminating the need for chip area-wasting external shunts. Values of 8 and 10 mV at 4 K were reached, respectively, using boundary bicrystal junctions or ramp type JJs. These results indicate that circuit operation up to 5 THz can be achieved.

The corresponding λ0 as functions of Eq. 79) coefficients have the form λ0 [M0 ] = 1 + 2α, λ0 [Mπ ] = −1 + 2α and λ0 [M ± ac] = α(1 − (1/2α)2 ). The exponential stability of these constant solutions is determined by the signs of the parameters and by the α (Atanasova et al. 2010a, b, c) (Fig. 36). The full energy associated with the phase distribution φ(x) can be obtained from the following expression l φ2 + 1 − q(x) − γ φ dx − he Δφ. 82) F(p) = 2 −l Phase solution of Eq. 79) for harmonic case of CPR and in the case of he = 0 and γ = 0 at l → ∞ has a form (Galperin and Filippov 1984) ± = φ(x) = 4 arctan(exp(±x)) + 2π n Φ∞ Fig.

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