Modern Metrology Concerns by L. Cocco

By L. Cocco

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Environmental fluctuations such as vibration or temperature change have a large effect at the nanoscale. For example, any external change to the large machines used in manufacturing microelectronics components will affect the creation of nanoscale features and their crucially important alignment to each other. The ability to measure these influences, and thereafter to minimize them, is therefore vital. The error budget is an accuracy model of the machine in its environment expressed in terms of cause-and-effect relationships.

Besides this factor is inversely proportional to the measured length and therefore by decreasing the geometrical dimensions of measured objects the length measurement uncertainty will increase proportionally (Swyt, 2001). 5 ×10-15 presently and, secondly, practical realization of temperature unit (Kelvin) as major disturbance parameter which influences the accuracy of dimensional measurements. However the actual precision of length measurements is limited by the other standard closely related with second that is the frequency standard – CH4-stabilized He-Ne laser.

E. position of the antenna on the roof of the vehicle). Running of the tests has been recorded in the “log file” stored directly in the hardware unit. Based on this data further processing took place already on PC. The hardware unit recorded the following data of a virtual gate passage:   virtual gate passage time; ID and a description of the gate (defined positions and azimuth). Each measurement result was then classified as “passed” or “failed” according to the following categorization:   passed, if all the following conditions are true:  gate is identified on the running road;  gate is not identified in other nearby road;  any upstream gate is not identified;  more passages through the same gate during one test are not evaluated; failed in other cases.

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