Poetry After the Invention of América: Don’t Light the by Andrés Ajens (auth.)

By Andrés Ajens (auth.)

This choice of essays strains the emergence of the Western poem from the viewpoint of its collision with "American" otherness, rather, the Latin American culture. not like works extending Western conceptions of writing or looking for an alleged American ethnopoetics, this ebook techniques literature as a Western invention and, in flip, seeks out correspondences among traditions

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El tiempo con su orín embarnizadas 22 ● Poetry After the Invention of América the father of forgetting rules them ..... soft peace feminizes their weapons |var. ] |var. varnished by time’s urine The unidentified Chiloé loŋko’s speech stops there, inconclusive, and the poem stops as well at this point. 7 (my emphasis) This early withdrawal [desistencia], the editor suggests, might be linked to the author’s exasperation with the conquerors’ military negligence. Perhaps. The anonymous author certainly lamented the course of events more than a little, even to the point of extolling the didactic virtues of necroreading: [S]e miran las reliquias funerales de tanto amigo muerto y compañero: .....

Now then, let’s recall (from “Overborders,” p.

With the proviso that naming a text at all is done at the cost of the thing at hand (which is, of course, beside the point), let’s leave the name to take up the beginning of the first verse, a time-honored criterion in what might still be called the “poetic tradition”: La guerra envejicida y larga canto, tan grave, tan prolija y tan pesada, que a un reino poderoso y rico tanto le tiene la cerviz ya quebrantada. ]3 Which war are we talking about? Apparently it is Chile’s, or Arauco’s (the name “Arauco” appears in the first octave, whereas “Chile” not until the fifth), a war that according to the anonymous man or woman quoted earlier had already dragged on at least sixty years and threatened to continue forever.

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