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Polymeric Hydrogels as Smart Biomaterials by Susheel Kalia

By Susheel Kalia

This ebook is anxious with polymeric hydrogels, that are regarded as the most promising sorts of new polymer-based fabrics. every one bankruptcy during this ebook describes a specific category of polymeric hydrogels, corresponding to superabsorbent hybrid nanohydrogels, carrying out polymer hydrogels, polysaccharide-based or protein-based hydrogels, or gels in keeping with artificial polymers. during this means, the booklet additionally addresses a few of the attention-grabbing homes and purposes of polymeric hydrogels: they're third-dimensional, hydrophilic, polymeric networks which could take up, swell and hold huge amounts of water or aqueous fluids. together with steel nanoparticles, nanofibrils or nanowhiskers, that could be embedded within the gels, they locate frequent functions, starting from agriculture, and waste water therapy, over electronics, to pharmaceutical and biomedical functions. purposes pointed out during this booklet comprise electro sensors, capacitors, electromechanical actuators, or even man made muscles.

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However, the mechanisms by which they induce toxic effects remain to be fully investigated and confirmed [93]. Additionally, it appears that the dosage of the CNTs introduced in vivo plays an important role in the triggered inflammatory reaction and the dosage threshold remains to be identified [94]. However, the attractive properties of CNTs have pushed researchers to investigate ways to enhance their biocompatibility. Functionalization of CNTs with carboxylic groups appears to alleviate this issue.

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