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Power and Conflict in the Age of Transparency by Bernard I. Finel, Kristin M. Lord

By Bernard I. Finel, Kristin M. Lord

The twenty first century will characteristic unparalleled international transparency. From the arrival of the net to the increase of world media to the proliferation of business satellites, additional info should be on hand to extra humans approximately extra issues than ever sooner than in human heritage. This raise in transparency is sure to have a big impact on overseas politics, and especially at the probability of armed clash within the subsequent millennium. This quantity represents a complete choice of articles written by way of best students and coverage analysts analyzing the results of transparency on international politics.

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Nearly unanimous international opinion now holds that the only way to restore investor confidence in Asia is to impose transparency. S. Treasury Department and the IMF, which now includes promotion of “greater transparency and accountability in government and corporate affairs” in its man- THE END OF SECRECY 21 date. 4 Most officials in Asia seem to have accepted the virtues of transparency, at least in the economic field. ”5 Even the Association of South East Asian Nations, a group of states that long treated the principle of noninterference as holy writ, announced in December 1997 that it will begin monitoring its members’ domestic economies.

As the memories of the war fade, the bonds erode that helped to hold the blocking coalition together. Friction tends to build as each state believes that it is sacrificing more for unity than are the others. Because of perceptual dynamics, each will remember the cases in which it has been restrained, and ignore or in- FROM BALANCE TO CONCERT 33 terpret differently cases in which others believe they acted for the common good. Fear of the state that had earlier sought hegemony is also likely to decline over time.

Furthermore, dividing Germany was a way of managing the superpower conflict. Trying to reach joint decisions that would govern the entire country would have been a source of much greater tension and dispute than allowing each side to control its sector. 16 The main dangers that Germany continued to pose—such as the acquisition of nuclear weapons by either half, or attempts to reunite—could best be managed by each superpower acting independently. Bipolarity and the development of nuclear weapons allowed the superpowers to limit the danger of war, without a concert.

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