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Predation in Organisms: A Distinct Phenomenon by Ashraf M.T. Elewa

By Ashraf M.T. Elewa

Predation is taken into account one of many designated phenomena with regards to the interrelationships among species in the world. regularly, predation is frequent not just in flora and fauna but in addition in marine environments the place colossal fishes consume small fishes and different organisms of the ocean. This publication considers predation in organisms and is aimed toward the prevention of predation in natural world and marine environments.

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This species was attributed to neritic environment (0-150 m); however Renema (2003) found it in samples >10 m depth. This indicates the possibility of reef communities (including fungi) to occur in the Marmarica Formation of the area under consideration. Clipson et al. (2001) argued that fungi from coastal and marine ecosystems are a neglected but significant part of marine biodiversity. Fungi in general are able to degrade a wide range of recalcitrant biological molecules and particularly in coastal ecosystems fungal activity may be critical in the early stages of biodegradative pathways.

The association was located near the northern edge of the WNW-ESE orientated Namurian Widmerpool Gulf where soupy mud-rich substrates accumulated in poorly oxygenated water, locally at depths of at least 100m (Holdsworth 1966; Trewin and Holdsworth 1973; Church and Gawthorpe 1994). As E. carsingtonensis has a well-developed, hook-like rostrum and a broad rostral sinus, it was probably capable of active swimming. However, unlike Recent pelagic non-mineralized halocypridids such as Conchoecia and, for example Gigantocypris, which typically have weakly calcified valves, those of E.

Cretaceous Research 16: 357-366 Predation due to changes in environment Damotte R, Fleury JJ (1987) Ostracodes Maastrichtiens et Paléocènes du Djebel Dyr, près de Tebessa (Algérie orientale). Rév Géol Méditerran 14 (2): 87-107 Donze P, Colin JP, Damotte R, Oertli H, Peypouquet JP, Said R (1982) Les ostracodes du Campanien Terminal a l’Éocène inférieur de la coupe de Kef, Tunisie Nord-Occidental. Bulletin de la Céntre Recherche ElfAquitaine 6: 273-355 Elewa AMT (1994) Biostratigraphical studies of Eocene rocks of the El Sheikh Fadl-Ras Gharib stretch, Eastern Desert, Egypt.

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