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Prosodic Typology: The Phonology of Intonation and Phrasing by Sun-Ah Jun

By Sun-Ah Jun

This ebook illustrates an method of prosodic typology throughout the intonational phonology of 13 typologically various languages and the transcription method of prosody referred to as Tones and holiday Indices (ToBI). this can be the 1st ebook introducing the heritage and ideas of the program, and it covers ecu languages, Asian languages, an Australian aboriginal language, and an American Indian language. it's the first publication on intonation that incorporates sound records on a CD-ROM.

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Some of these questions can be addressed also by looking at a suitable corpus that one eventually intends to tag in a ToBI framework system, particularly if one can collaborate with a native speaker consultant, as in Daly and Warren (2001). Developing elicitation protocols for recording suitable corpora, such as the Map task (Anderson et al. 1991), is thus another important research endeavour in its own right. Whatever the materials, however, the hard slogging work of addressing such questions cannot be circumvented by trying to force the analysis of tunes in the other variety into a transcription system designed for SEE and MAE.

Rather, the Cantonese fusion effects merely 'erase' the inter-syllable boundary, along a continuum from weakening or deleting the intervening consonant(s) to merging the two vowel qualities into an intermediate value. Moreover, it is typical for both syllables to maintain their status as tone-bearing units in the tonal projection even in cases where the consonant and vowel effects are so extreme that the syllable count is no longer clear in the segmental projection. Thus, Cantonese syllable lenition seems to be more a matter of prosodic grouping than of prominence-based rhythmic structure, and it is transcribed in C_ToBI by projecting a phonetic transcription of the affected syllable sequence onto a single prosodic unit on the Foot tier, while marking a value of o at the 'erased' boundary on the Break-Indices tier.

In sum, applying the ToBI framework to develop a transcription system for a new variety presumes that the development team has access to an established body of research specific to the variety for which the transcription system is intended. If there is no such body of research, the development team must do the necessary research. Knowing a great deal about several other varieties of the same language, and being able to state that knowledge in a common framework, can help to establish relevant controls from early in the research endeavour.

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