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Public Sector Employment Regimes: Transformations of the by Karin Gottschall, Bernhard Kittel, Kendra Briken, Jan-Ocko

By Karin Gottschall, Bernhard Kittel, Kendra Briken, Jan-Ocko Heuer, Sylvia Hils, Sebastian Streb, Markus Tepe

This ebook explores the level to which a metamorphosis of public employment regimes has taken position in 4 Western international locations, and the criteria influencing the pathways of reform. It demonstrates how public employment regimes have unravelled in numerous domain names of public carrier, contesting the concept the kingdom is still a 'model' employer.

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These interrelations between the public employment regime and the welfare regime might be understood as follows. On the one hand, the universalistic welfare state, which relies on a large public labour force, is combined with a close alignment of public and private employment conditions, with the public employment regime setting the standards for private employment. On the other hand, the conservative welfare regime is based on the idea of status preservation, which is also the main driving force behind the divide between public and private employment conditions.

Such reform dynamics might also be coined as ‘bounded change’, whereby the boundaries of change are set through a country’s regime affiliation, which predetermines its menu of applicable reform instruments. The three possible developments – convergence, divergence, and regime-specific gradual reform – will serve as a frame of reference for evaluating the long-term trend in government employment in Chapter 4. Also with respect to the second driving force of change, New Public Management, observers do not agree on a common interpretation of developments.

The analysis of the politico-administrative systems has already shown that constitutional decisions – such as whether the relationship between the political and administrative elites should be integrated or separated – distinguishes countries with a German or French civil law tradition from those with a common law tradition. On the one hand, these differences have implications for the design of employment contracts concerning aspects such as tenure or fixed wages; on the other hand, such politicoadministrative features set the framework for public sector reforms.

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