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Saladin, the Almohads and the Banu Ghaniya: The Contest for by Amar S. Baadj

By Amar S. Baadj

In Saladin, the Almohads and the Banū Ghāniya, Amar Baadj supplies us the 1st accomplished, glossy examine of a desirable yet little-known episode within the heritage of the medieval Mediterranean. this can be the tale of the lengthy fight among the Almohad caliphs of the Maghrib, the Banū Ghāniya of Majorca, and the Ayyubids for dominance of North Africa.

The writer uses very important textual assets which were missed in addition to new archaeological facts to problem a few of the uncomplicated assumptions concerning the occasions in query. He additionally effectively areas those occasions of their wider temporal and geographical context for the 1st time.

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Aḥmad killed his powerful uncle, Ismaʿīl b. ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq, and the latter’s son fled to Binzirt. 26 In 510/1116–7 Tunis was ­besieged by the forces of the Zirid prince ʿAlī b. Yaḥyā b. Tamīm and Aḥmad was forced to recognize his authority. In 514/1120 he switched allegiance and recognized the Hammadid ruler al-ʿAzīz, who had invaded Ifrīqiya. In 522/1128 he was removed from power by the Hammadid general Muṭarrif b. ʿAlī b. 24 25 26 For the Banū al-Rand see Ibn Khaldūn, ʿIbar, vol.  220–1; De Slane, Berbères, vol.

139; Ibn Khaldūn, ʿIbar, vol.  215; De Slane, Berbères, vol.  28. 36 Chapter 2 safety and tranquility of his land. He died in 465/1072–3 and was succeeded by his son Abū ʿUmar al-Muʿtazz. The latter further expanded the territory of the Banū al-Rand into the Qamūda (central Tunisian steppe) and the remainder of the Jarīd. 4 Tunis and the Banū Khurāsān After the fall of Qayrawān the citizens of Tunis left the Zirid fold and sent a delegation to the Hammadid ruler Ibn ʿAlannās placing themselves under his protection.

8 In 480/1087 a combined Pisan-Genoese fleet comprised of 300 ships and 30,000 men attacked al-Mahdīya. The sources indicate that the assault was a complete surprise: the walls were in a state of disrepair, the Zirid fleet had no time to put to sea, and the army was away on campaign. 9 They withdrew only after Tamīm agreed to pay 100,000 dinars. 10 With these ­conquests an uninterrupted chain of coastal cities from Tunis in the north to Tripoli in the southeast recognized Zirid authority. Yaḥyā b.

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