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Segmental and Prosodic Issues in Romance Phonology by Pilar Prieto, Joan Mascaro, Maria-Josep Sole

By Pilar Prieto, Joan Mascaro, Maria-Josep Sole

This quantity is a set of state-of-the-art examine papers written via recognized researchers within the box of Romance phonetics and phonology. a tremendous target of this ebook is to bridge the space among conventional Romance linguistics ― with its lengthy and wealthy culture in facts assortment, cross-language comparability, and phonetic edition ― and laboratory phonology paintings. The e-book is equipped round 3 major subject matters: segmental methods, prosody, and the purchase of segments and prosody. many of the articles supply new empirical info on construction, notion, sound switch, first and moment language studying, rhythm and intonation, offering a state of the art assessment of study in laboratory phonology concentrated on Romance languages. The Romance information are used to check the predictions of a couple of theoretical frameworks akin to gestural phonology, exemplar versions, generative phonology and optimality concept. The ebook will represent an invaluable spouse quantity for phoneticians, phonologists and researchers investigating sound constitution in Romance languages, and may serve to generate additional curiosity in laboratory phonology.

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Indeed, a comparison between the F2 trajectories for [ia] and [ia] in Figure 2 (middle left and upper right graphs) shows that F2 lowering may begin already at consonant onset for the fricative but not until consonant offset for the nasal. More vowel anticipation on [] than on [] appears to result from a higher degree of tongue dorsum constraint for the nasal than for the fricative at consonant offset. 3 Other dentals and alveolars Patterns of coarticulatory direction for relatively unconstrained dentals and alveolars [, l, n, s, ] appear to depend to a large extent on the tongue body configuration characteristics.

Interference during phoneme monitoring”. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 11. 475-489. Tranel, Bernard H. 1995. “Current issues in French phonology: Liaison and position theories”. The Handbook of Phonological Theory ed. by John A. Goldsmith. 798-816. : Blackwell. Wauquier-Gravelines, Sophie. 1996. Organisation phonologique et traitement de la parole continue. [Phonological organization and connected-speech processing]. , Université Paris 7. PATTERNS OF VCV COARTICULATORY DIRECTION ACCORDING TO THE DAC MODEL * DANIEL RECASENS Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona & Institut d’Estudis Catalans Abstract This paper provides support for the DAC model of coarticulation by showing that directionality patterns of vowel and consonant coarticulation in VCV sequences are inversely related.

Assimilatory processes involving non-adjacent segments are harder to predict, which is in agreement with the corresponding coarticulatory effects being less prominent than coarticulatory effects between adjacent segments. In order to study these assimilations and other sound changes, we gathered a large database of lexical variants of Catalan dialects (Eastern and Western Catalan, Valencian, Majorcan) collected by philologists and linguists since the beginning of the 20th century. Inspection of the data collected reveals that the assimilatory processes of interest are partly in agreement with the predicted patterns of coarticulatory direction.

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