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Symmetries in Graphs, Maps, and Polytopes: 5th SIGMAP by Jozef Širáň, Robert Jajcay

By Jozef Širáň, Robert Jajcay

This quantity comprises seventeen of the simplest papers introduced on the SIGMAP Workshop 2014, representing the latest advances within the box of symmetries of discrete items and constructions, with a specific emphasis on connections among maps, Riemann surfaces and dessins d’enfant.

Providing the worldwide group of researchers within the box with the chance to collect, speak and current their most recent findings and advances, the Symmetries In Graphs, Maps, and Polytopes Workshop 2014 was once the 5th in a sequence of workshops. The preliminary workshop, geared up by means of Steve Wilson in Flagstaff, Arizona, in 1998, used to be in 2002 and 2006 through conferences held in Aveiro, Portugal, prepared by way of Antonio Breda d’Azevedo, and a fourth workshop held in Oaxaca, Mexico, prepared by means of Isabel Hubard in 2010.
This ebook may still entice either experts and people looking a extensive assessment of what's occurring within the sector of symmetries of discrete items and constructions.

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First note that the coset-preserving skew-morphisms of abelian groups giving rise to regular Cayley maps have an even more restricted structure. Lemma 6 If ϕ is a coset-preserving skew-morphism of an abelian group A that gives rise to a regular Cayley map C M(A, X, P), then ϕ is either t-balanced or a group automorphism of A. Proof If a coset-preserving skew-morphism ϕ possesses a generating orbit X that is closed under inverses, all elements of X belong to the same coset of ker ϕ, and have therefore the same power function value t.

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Koviera, Regular Maps from Cayley Graphs II. Antibalanced Cayley Maps, Discrete Math. 124, 179–191 (1994). 20. Y. -Q. Feng, Regular balanced Cayley maps for cyclic, dihedral and generalized quaternion groups, Acta Math. Sin. (Engl. ) 21, no. 4, 773–778 (2005). 21. -Y. Zhang, A classification of regular Cayley maps with trivial Cayley-core for dihedral groups, to appear in Discrete Math. Census of Quadrangle Groups Inclusions António Breda d’Azevedo, Domenico A. Catalano, Ján Karabáš and Roman Nedela Abstract In a classical result of 1972 Singerman classifies the inclusions between triangle groups.

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