Systematic List of Fossil Decapod Crustacean Species by Feldmann, Garassino, Karasawa, Schweigert Schweitzer

By Feldmann, Garassino, Karasawa, Schweigert Schweitzer

A scientific record of all at present recognized species of fossil deapod crustaceans, positioned inside of a latest type of the suborder, contains established authorships and dates of book besides an entire checklist of references to all systematic categor

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Brodiei (Woodward, 1866b) C. crassichelis (Woodward, 1866b) (= Archaeoastacus (Eryon) willemoesii Bate, 1884) C. edwardsi (Morière, 1864) 44 CRM 010 – Carrie E. Schweitzer et al. C. incerta Secretan, 1964 C. longipes (Fraas, 1855) C. mediterranea Pinna, 1968 C. moorei (Woodward, 1866b) C. morierei (Renault, 1889) C. pinnai Teruzzi, 1990 C. popeyei Teruzzi, 1990 C. sibirica Chernyschev, 1930 C. sinuata Beurlen, 1928a C. tenuichelis Woods, 1925 C. theodorii Kuhn, 1952 C. , 2003 C. viallii Pinna, 1968 C.

Corallinus†† Müller, 1996 P. leganyii†† Müller, 1984a Parapaguridae Smith, 1882 No fossil representatives Pylochelidae Bate, 1888 No fossil representatives Pylojacquesidae McLaughlin & Lemaitre, 2001 No fossil representatives Infraorder B RACHYURA Linnaeus, 1758 Section Dromiacea De Haan, 1833 Superfamily Eocarcinoidea Withers, 1932a Family Eocarcinidae†† Withers, 1932a Eocarcinus†† Withers, 1932a (0, 0, 1) E. , 2008 (0, 0, 1) I. , 2008 (type) Family Dakoticancridae†† Rathbun, 1917a Avitelmessus†† Rathbun, 1923a (0, 0, 1) A.

Curvum Beurlen, 1928a E. delphinensis Moret, 1946 E. deslongchampsi Van Straelen, 1924 [imprint 1925] 24 CRM 010 – Carrie E. Schweitzer et al. E. dutertrei Sauvage, 1891 E. foersteri Feldmann, 1979 E. flectum Rathbun, 1926a E. fossatum Krause, 1891 E. georgei (Carter, 1886) E. gracilimanum Lahusen, 1894 E. granuliferum Secretan, 1964 E. guisei Wright, 1881 [1882] E. hoerstgenensis Bachmayer & Malzahn, 1983 E. jungostrix Feldmann & Titus, 2006 E. karitzkyi Lahusen, 1894 E. lafayi Lissajous, 1923 E.

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