T-Lymphocyte and Inflammatory Cell Research in Asthma by G. Jolles

By G. Jolles

It truly is good demonstrated that bronchial asthma is an inflammatory affliction of the airway mucosa and medication like inhaled glucocorticoids are actually more often than not brought early in remedy. A attribute characteristic of this disorder is the monstrous variety of eosinophils in airway tissue, even if many different migratory and resident inflammatory cells with the ability to synthesize and liberate cytokines and putative bronchial asthma mediators are present Read more...

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Almerigogna, F. and Ricci, M. (1992). Cellular and molecular regulatory mechanisms of human IgE synthesis. In Progress in Allergy and Clinical Immunology (T. Miyamoto and M. Okuda eds), pp. 519-524. Hogzefe & Huber, Gottingen. J. and Strath, M. (1985). Identification of a lymphokine that stimulates eosinophil differentiation in vitro. Its relationship to interleukin 3, and functional properties of eosinophils produced in culture. /. Exp. Med. 162, 60-68. L. (1991). Regulation of the development of distinct subsets of CD4+ T cells.

R. Mosmann In terms of the endothelial cells, I a m not sure which agents induce M H C class 2. B. Kay Secondly, and slightly m o r e difficult to u n d e r s t a n d , I think I have said previously that we have shown that the tuberculin reaction in non-atopic h u m a n subjects is essentially a T helper ( T H ) 1 p a t t e r n , as would be expected, with significantly m o r e messenger RNA-positive cells for interferon-7 and IL-2 in both the injected and the control sites. F o r IL3 and G M - C S F it was very low - which I suppose was a surprise.

H o w e v e r , the selected recent reports discussed here will provide an indication of variation in the potential regulatory mechanisms that are activated in hyposensitization. I m m u n o t h e r a p y with h o n e y b e e v e n o m ( P L A 2) has been d e m o n s t r a t e d to provide significant protection against further stings ( H u n t et aL, 1978). , 1989a). Suppressor T cell activity was determined by the inhibition of proliferative responses in coculture systems in the absence of exogenous lymphokines.

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