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The acquisition of two languages from birth: A case study by Annick de Houwer

By Annick de Houwer

This e-book bargains with the query of ways young ones uncovered to 2 languages concurrently from beginning discover ways to communicate these languages. After a severe and complete survey of lots of the literature at the topic, the writer concludes that empirically well-documented wisdom during this quarter is particularly scant certainly. The middle of the booklet matters a naturalistic examine of a Dutch-English bilingual woman round the age of 3. The study's major objective is to discover the character of early bilingual morphosyntactic improvement. targeted analyses of such a lot facets of this improvement convey baby who hears separate languages spoken to her displays this distinctness within the utterances she produces: every one language is dealt with as a approach in its personal correct. in addition, the younger bilingual three-year-old significantly resembles her monolingual friends in both language. either those findings, the writer concludes, spotlight the language-specific nature of the morphosyntactic improvement strategy. This e-book will curiosity linguists, psycholinguists, developmental psychologists, and baby language experts.

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