The Art of Memory (Frances Yates: Selected Works) by F A Yates

By F A Yates

This can be through a ways the simplest scholarly paintings at the old artwork of reminiscence, and, via extrapolation, the simplest publication to demonstrate and generate principles for the trendy purposes of these arts. it's all right here: institutions, visible photographs, sequencing, personality tags, mnemonics, suggestion on tips to get well likely misplaced thoughts (items, names, dates, proof, figures) with plenty of aspect. See how Pliny, Cicero, Quintillian, and others used the platforms to keep in mind enoumous quantities of data. find out how Scipio Africanis knew the names (family identify, given identify, and purchased identify) of every of the 35,000 males in his military that defeated Hannibal on the conflict of Zama in 202 BC. i've got learn Yates' ebook thrice and every time have gotten extra from it: this can be after all the hallmark of a vintage. No ask yourself the publication is at the glossy Library's record of the a hundred top nonfiction books of the 20 th century.

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Alcuin. What indeed unless I repeat the words of Marcus Tullius that 'Memory is the treasure-house of all things and unless it is made custodian of the thought-out things and words, we know that all the other parts of the orator, however distinguished they may be, will come to nothing'. Charlemagne. Are there not other precepts which tell us how it can be obtained or increased. Alcuin. We have no other precepts about it, except exercise in memorising, practice in writing, application to study, and the avoidance of drunkenness which does the greatest possible injury to all good studies ..

22 ff. 'For the obtaining of memory many people bring in observations about places and images which do not seem to me to be of any use' (Carolus Halm, Rhetores latini, Leipzig, 1863, p. 440). 8 Alcuin, Rhetoric, ed. , p. 146. 9 See the introductions by Marx and Caplan to their editions of Ad Herenmum. An admirable study of the diffusion of Ad Herennium is made in an unpublished thesis by D. E. D. thesis, Cornell University, 1953. I have had the advantage of seeing this thesis in microfilm, for which I here express my gratitude.

P. 251. , p. 247. , p. 247. , p. 245. , pp. 245-6. , pp. 246-52. 38 As a philosopher and theorist on the soul, Albertus has to stop and ask himself what he is doing. These places which are to be so strongly imprinted on memory are corporeal places (loca 'corporalia)39 therefore in the imagination which receives the corporeal forms from sense impression, therefore not in the intellectual part of the soul. 40 Albertus needs to reassure himself about this before he can go on recommending an art which seems to be forcing the lower power of imagination up into the higher rational part of the soul.

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