The Effect of Modern Agriculture on Rural Development by Gyorgy Enyedi

By Gyorgy Enyedi

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Other theses have therefore been advanced. One is that of the proletariatization, in atypical form, of agriculturalists, who have tended to become domestic workers for the food processing industry; another is that of the reinforcement of small-scale commercial production, as desired by capitalism, to such an extent that the nonindustrializable character of the agricultural work process FRANCE: AGRICULTURE & RURAL CHANGE 25 and the land problem oppose the intrusion of capitalist forms of relationship.

Zur Agrar- und Bundnispolitik der SEP bei der Gestaltung der entwickelten sozialistischen Gesellschaft (On the Agricultural and Alliance Policies of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany in a Developed Socialist Society) (Berlin: 1978). ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Agriculture and Rural Transformation in Puerto Rico: Problems and Prospects Barry Floyd The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a Caribbean state with unique political and economic ties with the United States, has long been viewed as a showcase of development for other emerging countries in the West Indies, Latin America, and elsewhere.

With the transition to co-op production, for the first time in their lives, the peasants had the opportunity to go on a holiday. 7 hours in 1976/1977 (over a seven-day work week). Many sociopolitical measures made the work of female co-op members easier (among other things, there are 892 out of 1,000 children of preschool age in well-equipped kindergartens or nurseries). The income of those working in agriculture has reached the level of industrial workers. Social security in cases of illness, accident, or old-age is guaranteed to all co-op farmers.

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