The Gentle Art of Horseback Riding by Gincy Self Bucklin

By Gincy Self Bucklin

The light artwork of Horseback using offers precious details for riders in any respect degrees who are looking to enhance the convinced rider–horse partnership that every one horse fans search. no matter what self-discipline you experience, Bucklin's special and cutting edge equipment illustrate the thoughts via step by step directions and full-color photographs.

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Also notice that he has no hair in the area up high between his hind legs and under his tail. These areas don’t generally get very dirty, but if they do, they need to be cleaned with a damp sponge and under supervision the first time because they can be sensitive. Because you are just starting out, you should observe and learn while someone more experienced than you does any further preparation for riding. 34 • 4 Overcoming Your Natural Fear of Falling Now that you’re at least somewhat comfortable with the horse on the ground, you’re ready to sit on him.

7. When two horses are together, sometimes their behavior can get a little rough. They won’t intend to hurt you, but they won’t realize that you can’t get out of the way easily. Pay attention, and be ready to separate them if necessary. 8. When you try anything with a horse that you have not done before yourself, be a little careful until you’re sure he’s okay with it. 9. Listen to what your body tells you. If you feel really nervous about something, don’t do it if you can possibly avoid it. Walking home on your own two feet is better than being carried home on a stretcher.

Quite severe wounds can pass unnoticed and become seriously infected. Only with regular careful grooming can you avoid problems that might result in the horse’s being laid up or even suffering long-term damage. A horse, like any athlete, is subject to stiffness and soreness. Thorough, knowledgeable grooming, especially before and after heavy work, during cold weather, or if the horse is unable to exercise, will help maintain his circulation and muscle health. Grooming is something the horse should enjoy, a concept that is frequently overlooked by professional grooms.

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