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The Life Cycle of the Corpus Luteum by Rina Meidan

By Rina Meidan

​This e-book describes the lifestyles cycle of a distinct endocrine gland that's totally crucial for the institution and upkeep of being pregnant in all mammalian species. The corpus luteum is exclusive since it is shaped and destroyed each (non-fertile) reproductive cycle. while fertilization happens, the corpus luteum is rescued or maintained. The strategies that regulate corpus luteum formation, death (luteolysis), or upkeep are only commencing to be unraveled lately; they contain different cellphone kinds and mechanisms. a few of these approaches resemble tumor development—angiogenesis, for instance—but curiously sufficient, this resemblance is simply as much as some extent. The corpus luteum makes use of mechanisms that let its common, physiological development and disappearance. Pulling jointly key study at the corpus luteum, this quantity is of curiosity to either reproductive endocrinologists and comparative physiologists, with scientific relevance spanning comparative animal stories to women's health.

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