The Mereon matrix: unity, perspective and paradox by Lynnclaire Dennis

By Lynnclaire Dennis

Mereon is an method of the unification of information that will depend on entire structures modelling. it's a clinical framework that charts the sequential, emergent progress technique of platforms. A dynamic constitution, Mereon presents perception and a brand new method of common platforms conception and non-linear technological know-how. Mereon developed via a brand new method of polyhedral geometry and topology that's concerning the dynamics of the polyhedra. it's with regards to a great number of structures, actual, mathematical, and philosophical. In linking those platforms, Mereon offers entry to new relationships between them and combines geometric and procedure considering. This publication presents the basics of such connections for an ongoing look for order, directionality, and variety that's present in this solidarity. it really is written in transparent language that manages to attach varied disciplines and in doing so, makes a posh approach simply obtainable and comprehensible. will probably be of curiosity to mathematicians, geneticists, and all these drawn to gaining knowledge of team spirit in technological know-how and astrobiology.

• Elaborates on numerous very important points of common platforms conception together with nonlinearity.
• each one bankruptcy is self-contained and defined relative to Mereon, offering references to
• medical findings which are congruent with or accelerated via Mereon.
• deals a brand new manner of modelling that may be utilized around the sciences.

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Nine Mathematically, a 9 3 9 grid is significant in the context of the Mereon Matrix and defines the Face Centred Cubic lattice that has a unique relationship to the Tau 144/300 described in Chapter 8. So it is that we wonder how the Magic Square of 9 3 9 might also be significant given that its constant, ‘369’, also appears in 1 References from The Bible and other texts. 40 The Mereon Matrix accounting for structure in the Mereon Trefoil. Mayan temples and Chinese pagodas have nine layers or steps.

The key is for those involved to willingly delve deeper than surface issues to uncover a feasible solution. The Mereon Matrix offers a new perspective on dynamic, whole and sustainable systems. It arrives at a time when our global village is at a crossroads with many living between crossed swords. Humanity is in need of new tools for dialogue. Inherent in the Mereon model is a methodology for fostering the renewal of understanding, a new means for openly exchanging information and evolving knowledge.

Lissauer (2009) presents how Kepler’s insight into planetary orbits continues to reveal new perspectives of the Universe, from extrasolar Earths to black holes. The connections Kepler made between music, time, harmony and ratios were universal and an integral part of a Universal Law. His proposal was that mathematical harmony supplies the cosmic glue that binds all parts as one. The Astrolabe: Starts and Stars For more than 2000 years, astronomers have possessed an extraordinary perceptual capability: a technology of mindfulness that allowed them to project temporal and spatial information onto a plane so that they could conceptualise it in a scientific way.

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