The Philosophy of Jurgen Habermas: A Critical Introduction by Uwe Steinhoff

By Uwe Steinhoff

J?rgen Habermas seeks to protect the Enlightenment and with it an "emphatical", "uncurtailed" perception of cause opposed to the post-modern critique of cause at the one hand, and opposed to so-called scientism (which would come with serious rationalism and the higher a part of analytical philosophy) at the different. His objection to the previous is that it's self-contradictory and politically defeatist; his objection to the latter is that, due to a customary of rationality derived from the normal sciences or from Weber's thought of purposive rationality, it leaves normative inquiries to irrational judgements. Habermas desires to provide an alternate, attempting to improve a thought of communicative motion that could make clear the normative foundations of a severe idea of society in addition to supply a fruitful theoretical framework for empirical social study. This learn is a entire and certain research and sustained critique of Habermas' philosophical process for the reason that his pragmatist flip within the seventies. It sincerely and accurately depicts Habermas' lengthy chain of arguments top from an research of speech acts to a discourse thought of legislations and the democratic constitutional nation. alongside the best way the research examines, between different issues, Habermas' idea of communicative motion, transcendental and common pragmatics and the argument from "performative contradictions", discourse ethics, the consensus conception of fact, Habermas' rules on developmental psychology, communicative pathologies and social evolution, his conception of social order, the research of the tensions among approach and lifeworld, his thought of modernity, and his conception of deliberative democracy. For all Habermas scholars this research will turn out fundamental.

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Thus Habermas is simply incorrect when he says (I quote again): For A does not make an assertion unless he makes a truth claim for the asserted proposition p and therewith indicates his conviction that his statement can, if necessary, be defended. 28 It is correct to say: A does not make an assertion unless he thereby expresses (sincerely or insincerely) that he has good reasons for his assertion. ” Saying this would retroactively nullify the “assertion” as an assertion, and it could no longer be recognized as such by the other person.

Unfortunately, right now we’re all in the same boat. Since we can only accomplish this together, I have to reach an understanding with them and they have to reach an understanding with me. If the situation should change, I will do everything to get rid of these obnoxious people. Communicative action does not protect against egocentrism. Moreover, two brothers can also come to an agreement to bash in their aunt’s skull in her sleep while fully oriented towards reaching understanding. ”, this is an instance of communicative action, according to Habermas’s own definition.

Well: what then do they do? Do they die on the spot? Or pass out? For they would have to do—or rather, they would have to suffer—one of these two things for them to not pursue their individual goals whenever they cannot harmonize their plans of action. In a waking state one always follows certain individual goals, even in just sitting still and meditating; in this case the goal is just this, to sit still and meditate. This in turn means that the participants cannot place their participation under the condition stated, since this condition expresses an intention; thus, in realizing this intention and ceasing to pursue their individual goals they falsify it, since realizing an intention is successfully pursuing a goal.

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