Theory of Plates, Volume II by Jeffrey M. Lemm

By Jeffrey M. Lemm

The target of quantity II is to teach how asymptotic tools, with the thickness because the small parameter, certainly offer a robust technique of justifying two-dimensional plate theories. extra in particular, with none recourse to any a priori assumptions of a geometric or mechanical nature, it truly is proven that during the linear case, the three-d displacements, as soon as correctly scaled, converge in H1 in the direction of a restrict that satisfies the well known two-dimensional equations of the linear Kirchhoff-Love thought; the convergence of pressure is usually established.In the nonlinear case, back after advert hoc scalings were played, it really is proven that the major time period of a proper asymptotic enlargement of the third-dimensional resolution satisfies recognized two-dimensional equations, akin to these of the nonlinear Kirchhoff-Love thought, or the von Kármán equations. detailed consciousness can be given to the 1st convergence consequence got as a result, which ends up in two-dimensional huge deformation, frame-indifferent, nonlinear membrane theories. it's also established that asymptotic equipment can likewise be used for justifying different lower-dimensional equations of elastic shallow shells, and the coupled pluri-dimensional equations of elastic multi-structures, i.e., constructions with junctions. In every one case, the lifestyles, area of expertise or multiplicity, and regularity of suggestions to the restrict equations bought during this style also are studied.

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Minimization problem: ~ E V(a~) and j~(~) = inf j~(r/), nEV(~) where V(w) -- {~ -- (~i) E HI(w) • HI(w) x H2(w); rli- Ourl3 - 0 on 7o}, -- lL{ea a~ 0o, - - Variational problem: r = L } (r/H)e~(r/~/) daJ + e 1 - ( L Pi~rli da~ - ] i % ~0,ga dco) + - (~[) - (r E V(a~) and for all e m~c~0c~r/3 da~+ L n~zOz~ da~ - L P~rl~da~ - L q~Oa~3da~, C3 1All notations and definitions used in this section are recalled in the section "Main notations and definitions" under the heading "Plates". liii liv Plate equations at a glance Boundary value problem" -O~m~ - p~ + cO~q~ in w, ~ --p~a i n ~ , - O~naz C = 0~r = 0 on 70, e ~'aL'~ - 0 on 71.

378 The method of formal asymptotic expansions: displacement-stress approach . . . . . . . . 381 The Identification of the leading term u~ the limit scaled "displacement" two-dimensional problem . . . . 382 Identification of the leading term E0; explicit forms of the limit scaled stresses . . . . . . . . . 6. Equivalence of the limit scaled “displacement” problem with the scaled von Kbrmbn equations . . . 7. Justification of the von KBrman equations of a nonlinearly elastic plate; commentary and bibliographical notes .

3. The method of formal asymptotic expansions: The displscement approach . . . . . . . . . . . 4. Cancellation of the factors of @,-4 5 q 5 0, in the scaled three-dimensional problem . . . . . . . 5. Identification of the leading term uo in the displacement approach . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6. 7. Table of contents The limit scaled two-dimensional problem: Existence and regularity of solutions, formulation as a boundary value problem . . . . . . . . . . . .

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